Welcome to the Bay Area's Milpitas Boxing and Fitness

Milpitas Boxing and Fitness (MBF) dedicates to members of all ages and various levels of fitness and the knowledge of the sport boxing.  MBF is conveniently located in Milpitas and borders San Jose, just off of 680 and the Landess exit.

Our gym is led by Head Trainer and Coach, Roga Gabucan.  5 to 6 trainers are available on a daily basis.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide proper instruction according to a member's goal and we welcome everybody. Whether you're searching for a start to a healthier lifestyle or if you're an aspiring athlete, MBF has a great selection of classes for you.

Fitness classes at MBF are specifically designed to implement the sport of boxing and kick boxing.  There are also classes dedicated strictly to boxing techniques for beginners, advanced members and professional bound athletes.  Coaches are equipped with knowledge to provide instruction throughout the day.  Other available classes focus on cardio while implementing kick boxing and strength conditioning.  When class is not in session, you are welcome to use the gym for your own individual workout.

For advanced members in boxing, sparring sessions are available according to matching age, size and level.  Sparring sessions are carefully controlled to maximize execution of technique in the ring and to leave the ring with knowledge.